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Basic to Intermediate in Zbrush

16 Zbrush Courses / +516 Video Classes

You don´t need have drawing skills to be a Character Artist, I am trained many people with amazing skills and, the 99% don´t know how to draw, you only need begin now!

With the 3 Modules included of "3D CHARACTER ART - Basic to Intermediate" you will learn from zero to hero.

👌 I guearantee you will improve fast and obtein a high level modeling charcters (Comic, realistic, cartoon..) , you only need follow the courses step by step, make the pilots and stay in communication with me to resolve your questions. If you do that and don´t work. I´ll refund your money. I guarantee the results.

16 Zbrush Courses / +516 Video Classes

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👉 Includes 8 VOLS + Downloadable 3D Models.

Category: Diorama 3D Sculpture Zbrush.
Price $133 USD
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"Creation of 3D Characters"



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